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Fixed Prices

€ .75:
Pack Shots

€ 1.25:
Model Image with a single person. Pack shots with several products associated (Pack shoots with several separate products will be invoiced as € 0.75 multiplied by the number of products).

€ 1.75:

1 Model Shot with Clipping Path/ Pictures of several models that can not be separated from each other (pictures with several separate models will be invoiced as € 1.25 multiplied by the number of models. Clothing with added neck.

€ 3.50:
Bicycles, jewelry, flowers, and other extremely detailed objects, Photos with more than 1 Model in which the models can not be separated and where we provide separate “clipping path” for the background, skin and clothing.

We do the first three images we get from a new client for free.
We send an invoice directly after the first order (obviously not charging for the three images we do for free). We send monthly invoices to clients having repeated orders.

Our payment terms are: 10 days net. You can use Paypal or normal Bank transfer to pay your bills.